Vehicle Inspection Platform

Portal inspects and track your vehicles during their lifetime and alert you in case of anomaly

1 Technology, 3 Ranges of services

Simple and effective solution

From hardware to software aspects, Portal is made to be simple to set up and to use daily

  • Web application

    The user-friendly application gives you access to useful information directly from you web browser. Data can also be transfered to your regular information system to be used in real time (ex: SAP).

  • Easy set up

    Thanks to a cloud architecture, no software installation is needed and an unlimited number of users can be created quickly. Hardare (cameras) only required standard electric input and uses its own 4G mobile connexion to communicate.

  • Continuous improvement

    Some services are based on artificial intelligence and "learn" with experience. To maintain and raise their performance level, updates benefitting from recent data are regularly provided.

Portal Technology

Portal platform and its services are developed by Elter, a french company created in 2017 and expert in artificial intelligence applied to image processing (machine/deeplearning). More info at
Transports & Logistics use cases
Portal offer evolve and builds up on professional experience and needs of transports and logistics stakeholders . Each Portal's inspection service aims to solve a precise problem of the fieal and also generate unique data that can be used for activity management.

Data protection & GDPR
In accordance of european GDPR principles, only recquired data are processed and temporarily stored in the most secured way possible.
Control points and webapp
Control points are usualy located on vehicles passageway to collect raw data through their sensors (cameras, RFID, licence plate reader...). Informations are then sent to smarts services espescially developed to answer specifics problems.
The Portal reporting web application allows to easily track vehicles visual aspects and alerts in case of an anomaly.
Easy set up
By using a conventional and light material, Portal hardware system installation is fast and easy. Based on cloud, the software application doesn't need any installation and is ready to use.

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