Graffiti Spotter

Automatically detect graffiti on passing trains and estimate degrade surface

  • Presence of graffiti over trains and other public vehicle damages both client experience and brand image of the operating company while generating significant cleaning costs. The best proven “counterattack” consists of erasing degradations quickly after their occurrence to minimise exposure time, discourage graffiti authors and reduce costs of a late cleaning. This method requires a fast and systematic detection system: this is the mission of Graffiti Spotter, a Portal service.


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  • High performance level

    Graffiti Spotter smart service has been developed in collaboration with railway transportation professionals, directly inside of SNCF maintenance infrastructure (French railway company). Performance level has been assessed with relevant work indicators.


Graffiti detection > 1m²
Graffiti detection < 1m²
Surface estimation deviation < 10% (in progress)
False positive (in progress)

Study conducted on 50 random train crossings

  • Reliability

    This service has been developed and tested during 2 years in real work environments and conditions (low luminosity, weather conditions).

  • Statistics

    You want to use Graffiti Spotter information in your regular Information or visualisation system? Our API can be transferred and use in real time by a third party program (ex: SAP, Microsoft Power BI).

  • Continuous improvement

    Some services are based on artificial intelligence and "learn" with experience. To maintain and raise their performance level, updates benefitting from recent data are regularly provided.

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